Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Perfect compare and contrast questions for the essay

One may say that compare and compare and contrast essay is one of the simplest writing tasks. On its face, all you have to do is to find things that have certain similarities and then describe samenesses and differences of these things.
However, it is a perceived feint. In very deed, the main point of this kind of essay is to explain why the same and different features of two things are important. Otherwise, your essay will look like a grocery list – not the thing you expect from the important kind of academic writing.
When you write a compare and contrast essay it is necessary to present two compared things from a new viewpoint. That means that you have to find a fresh approach to the theme and find the facts that your readers never considered before. For example, you can select two things that are like oil and vinegar and find similar things in them. Of course, there is no need to shock your reader – simply find engaging and make-me-think compare and contrast questions and you will hit the mark.

What makes good and bad essay?

A scrawl describes similarities and differences of two things, but the reader will have only one question in mind – and so what? Such list of matches and diversities should also create strong connections with certain larger more important thing and it has to be clearly visible why these exact things are worth comparing.

When you master this assignment, you have a right to select one of the patterns:
  1. Tandem. Here you will have to brainstorm all pros and cons of each side and then discuss them. In this case the body of the text should contain the analysis of one side and then the analysis of the another.
  2. Alternating. Here you have to compare pros and cons in twos.
Professional writers suggest that the second way is better for the papers of larger scale as it is difficult to hold in mind all the details about one thing if the paper is longer than 6 pages. Look through any compare and contrast essay examples and you will see that one of these two approaches are used in every paper.

Another important thing to take into consideration

Always select meaningful pairs of comparisons. The best way to select the pairs is to use a Venn diagram: two large circles that overlap in the middle. Common things you will write in the middle and differences in the main part of the circles. In some cases you will need compare and contrast essay help in finding reasonable pairs of comparisons – you can ask professional writers to assist you. Textual support is essential – any pair should be provided with pieces of evidence taken from reliable resources (in case if you comparing two books, you have to take proofs from there). Conclusion should also contain your own opinion on the topic – think what compare and contrast questions your paper raises.


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